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Cherry Blossom Festival at Donghaksa

Cherry Blossom Festivals are a big deal in South Korea. Every year around March-May, Korean cherry blossoms sprout all over the country. They are beautiful and majestic, and they are definitely a site to be seen – even if you are not a huge fan of flora. Cities and temples everywhere hold festivals to celebrate the short-lived blossoms. The Cherry Blossom Festival at Donghaksa is no different.
Donghaksa is a Buddhist temple in Gongju. It is located in the Gyeryong Mountains and can be difficult to walk to for some. It is open year-round, but is the most crowded during Cherry Blossom season. Near Donghaksa, you can hike several trails, and you can even complete a templestay at a nearby temple. You can find more information on Donghaksa’s history here.
Here are some pictures from our adventure around the town and festival. Please enjoy!

Have you been to a Cherry Blossom Festival? Leave me a comment to let me know where!

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  1. […] Here are some taken at a Cherry Blossom festival in Donghaksa. I love that this place is surrounded by mountains. That means that no matter where I go, I always get to see something beautiful. This also means there are plenty of places to go for a hike. You can read about my trip to the Donghaksa Cherry Blossom Festival here. […]

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