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Sprout Seoul Review – Day Two

If you missed Day One, go take a look!
5 = Absolutely fantastic! Will order repeatedly.
4 = Great. Will order again.
3 = Pretty good, but not one of my favorites.
2 = Okay. Not super memorable, but wasn’t horrible either.
1 = Did not like. Would be willing to try again with a few add-ins of my own.
0 = Never again.
Here is Day Two!
Wednesday: Breakfast – Trail Mix (5)
I was in a hurry to get out the door this morning because I was 20 minutes late waking up – so I just grabbed whatever looked good from the fridge. I ended up grabbing the trail mix, which is supposed to be a snack. However, this trail mix was delicious. It contained granola, pumpkin seeds (which I love), sunflower seeds, and small chocolate chips, making it the perfect ratio of sweet to salty. I will definitely be ordering this snack again.

Lunch/Dinner – Whole Wheat Pasta with Pesto Sauce (5)
The website didn’t have an explanation for this dish, but to be honest, it pretty much explains itself. The pasta and pesto came in different containers and had to be combined before consumption – but when combined, it was delicious! The pasta was just regular penne pasta, but the pesto sauce is what made this dish amazing! You could taste the herbs and olive oil, but there was also some lemon juice in it that made this light and flavorful. This was quite possibly the best pesto I have ever had, which means this is the dish I will undoubtedly get again!
(Forgot to take pictures of this one – sorry!)
Stay tuned for more!

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