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Vegetarian Eats at Tokyo Disney

Before I visited the Tokyo Disney Resort, I scoured websites and blogs for information on what to eat at Tokyo Disney as a vegetarian. I have to admit: I was very disappointed – not necessarily at the food options, but at the fact that there was very little information about it. Either no vegetarians frequent Tokyo Disney or none of the few who have visited have offered their own advice. I hope to provide information about some of my favorite vegetarian and vegan options available around Tokyo Disney Resort. Hopefully, it helps in your future Tokyo Disney adventures!


The most important thing to remember here is: SNACKS! There are not a lot of real food options for vegetarian – especially vegans – so snacks will be your best bet in this park. The good thing is that Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) has the best snacks in all of the Disney parks. Here’s a list of the major snacks in the parks:


TDR is pretty much known for their popcorn because they have they have 11 different flavors. Yes, you read that right: eleven! I am very fond of the Black Pepper flavor, but my favorite is actually the Soy Sauce and Butter! (Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!) And each popcorn cart has their own themed popcorn bucket, too. Here’s the popcorn flavors and where you can find them:

-In front of Lido Isle (DisneySea)
-Next to Aquatopia (DS)
-In front of Polynesian Terrace Restaurant (Disneyland)
-Next to Chuck Wagon (DL)
-In front of Sweetheart Cafe (DL)
-Toon POP (DL)

Milk chocolate:
-In front of Cape Cod Cook-off (DS)
-Next to Castle Carousel (DL)
-Pop-A-Lot Popcorn (DL)

-In front of Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (DL)

-In front of Liberty Landing Diner (DS)

-In front of Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster (DS)
-Next to Treasure Comet (DL)

Black pepper:
-Next to Hangar Stage (DS)
-In front of the Mark Twain Riverboat dock (DL)

Soy sauce and butter:
-Next to the Gazebo (DL)
-The Popping Pod (DL)

Garlic Shrimp (obviously not a vegetarian option):
-In front of Dockside Stage (DS)
-Next to Ariel’s Greeting Grotto (DS)

-In front of Cafe Orléans (DL)

-In front of Arabian Coast (DS)
-Next to Trading Post (DL)

-At the top of Via Delle Viti

Green Alien Mochi Dumplings

Photo cred: DisneyTourist Blog

These adorable dumplings are made from pounded rice (mochi) and filled with three different flavored fillings: custard, strawberry, and chocolate. They are available at Pan Galactic Pizza Port at DL, but they are an absolute must when visiting Toy Story Mania at DS!

Potato Churro

Yes, I know this sounds weird, but this savory treat was actually one of my favorite snacks in the whole resort. The potato churro basically tastes like garlic mashed potatoes that have been formed into a churro mold and fried. The cart can be found on Mysterious Island at DS, near the pathway to Mermaid Lagoon.

Chips and Guacamole

Expedition Eats is an adorable Mexican restaurant in Lost River Delta across from Indiana Jones Adventure (DS). Everything in the restaurant is themed towards Coco, a fairly new Disney animated film, and the menu also matches the theme. While most of the items contain meat, you can order chips and guacamole (and salsa) from the side menu. My favorite part about this snack was the fact that the chips weren’t just plain chips. I loved that they were seasoned just right to match the ambiance. If you like chips and guac or the movie Coco (or both), check this place out!

Assorted Nuts & Items

If you are looking for something small to accompany a drink, visit Nautilus Galley on Mysterious Island (DS). Here, they have an assorted items option. It is a small container filled with various seasoned items, including nuts, chips, dried fruit, and more. It’s the perfect pair for a beer and was very satisfying in its own way. I highly recommend it!


Tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’re in the mood for ice cream, head over to the ice cream cart in Arabian Coast (DS). At this cart, you can get the class Mickey ice cream bar, but why would you when they have a tiramisu ice cream sandwich? That means tiramisu ice cream in a sandwich! What more could you possibly ask for? I think it’s obvious how much I highly recommend it!

Classic Affogato

If you like coffee and ice cream, then you’ll love this classic. On top of the exquisite Magellan’s restaurant is the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge, a more casual – yet still classy – establishment that is more like a bar than an actual restaurant. The menu includes a class affogato: espresso and vanilla ice cream. The idea is to pour the espresso on top of the ice cream and eat together. Although a classic, Disney still knows how to do it right. Both the ice cream and the espresso are great, but when combined, the dish is nothing short of amazing.


Another understandable favorite is the creamy gelato located in Mediterranean Harbor. If you’ve ever had gelato, you know how good it really is – but this was the best gelato I have ever had. (Keep in mind, I’ve never had it in Italy.) You can get in a cone or a cup, but either way, it was heavenly.



Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the waffles at the Great American Waffle Company (DL) are perfect. While they may seem like just regular waffles, they are, of course, shaped like Mickey heads, and you can choose your choice of topping: maple, chocolate, strawberry & custard, or the seasonal flavor. (It was mango and vanilla ice cream when I went.) In my opinion, it’s the first thing you should do when you get to the World Bazaar (even though it doesn’t open when the park opens.) You shouldn’t go to TDR without experiencing these delights.

Margherita Pizza

Near the end of my trip, I came across a place that actually had a Margherita Pizza on the menu. (For those of you who don’t know, a Margherita pizza is just mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil.)  This was the most exciting thing I had so far because I didn’t have to question if it was vegetarian or not! It made me smile before, during, and after consumption, and if you life pizza, it’ll make you smile, too!

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Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

There is one restaurant that I believe could be of the most value and usefulness to vegetarians. The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is the only table-service restaurant located in Fantasyland (DL). It is somewhat like a self-serve buffet where you pay for the items after you choose which ones you want. Because it’s more of a buffet-style, there are several options open to vegetarians and even vegans. There are salads, bread, and even desserts that can be consumed. It also a beautiful restaurant with mosaic windows, so you could also spend some time here enjoying the scenery.

I hope this was helpful! Have you been to Tokyo Disney? Are there any other vegetarian dishes that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know!


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  1. The intimidating part of traveling to unknown places, for a vegetarian like me, is surely the doubt whether there will be any vegetarian fare on offer. Your post sure is a handy guide to all the vegetarians out there looking forward to traveling to Tokyo Disney. I sure wish there were more travel posts focusing on vegetarian food options available at different places. This would surely help the vegetarian/vegan traveler, march forth on their journey without any qualms as to food.

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